Commercial Carport Walls on RV Covers at Underwood Self Storage – La Porte

We had previously built all the RV Covers/Boat Covers for Underwood Self Storage in La Porte (see post about the covers here).  Later they decided they wanted a partial wall down on the ends of all the covers to protect those vehicles from the sun.  Mr. “D” has been a very loyal customer, we have done a lot of jobs for him at his business and his home.  Thank you Mr. “D”

Commercial Carport Walls


Commercial Carport Walls

Raised Insulated Patio Cover – Baytown

As you can see on this one it is raised above the roof line to give more height to mount ceiling fans with lights.  The back fill panel is attached to a gutter so no rain comes in from the roof.  This is a 3″ Insulated roof panel.  The panels that are holding the fans have a fan beam hidden inside for a very clean look.   The electrical runs through there to mount the ceiling fans.


Insulated Patio Cover

And there’s Sophie, getting her suntan 🙂

Insulated Patio Cover

ALicia Green

Hello I am interested in speaking to someone about adding a patio cover. Can you please email me information?


Yes, I am sending you an email right now. Thank you for your interest.

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