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Steel Carport in Houston

Here we installed a 28 x 33 steel carport between two existing buildings.  This is a concrete company and they use this area to work on their equipment.

Steel Carport

Steel carport for a business between two buildings.

The pictures below show the frame as it was being built.

Steel CarportSteel Carport

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Blast from the Past! Carport in Pasadena from A-1 Aluminum Co.

We built this carport about 14 years ago and it’s still here.  Not surprising though, out of all the carports we replaced when IKE swept through, none of them were ones we had built.

[caption id="attachment_531" align="alignnone" width="900"]Carport with false front This carport is from about 14 years ago and it’s still standing. We build to last![/caption]

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Commercial Carport Walls on RV Covers at Underwood Self Storage – La Porte

We had previously built all the RV Covers/Boat Covers for Underwood Self Storage in La Porte (see post about the covers here).  Later they decided they wanted a partial wall down on the ends of all the covers to protect those vehicles from the sun.  Mr. “D” has been a very loyal customer, we have done a lot of jobs for him at his business and his home.  Thank you Mr. “D”

Commercial Carport Walls


Commercial Carport Walls

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